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Quiz #8

Quiz 8

  Quiz #8 1. How would you write “I will call you”? a. mimi kupiga simu b. Nitakupigia simu c. ninaitwa wewe 2. Which one of the following means “fruit”? a. Embe b. mboga c. tunda 3. How would you write “I don’t agree”? a. nakubali b. Sikubali c. anakubali 4. How would you write “Do you work here”? a.

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Mikasi Lyrics – The First 5 lines – Learn Some Sheng! (Swahili Slang)


Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting. Song: MIKASI Artist: Ngwair How about a little Sheng? I accept the opportunity to learn Swahili from many sources. Over time many friends have suggested songs, movies and books to help me along on my journey. I will share them all! These are the first 5 lines of lyrics for the rap song called Mikasi

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